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The Forbidden City "and" qianlong jade bottle display

Date: 2015-12-07

Jinyuan period white jade and the plaque, the Forbidden City "and" qianlong jade black dragon godchild bottles and so on more than 120 pieces of tang dynasty to the qing dynasty jade representative works of different periods, and from now on at poly art museum, and will show to December 15.
Exhibits a piece of white jade and the plaque is the representative work of jinyuan period.Jinyuan period of imperial aristocracy prevails in spring in lakes and marshes water swan hunting, "feeling", he said with a pattern of Gu line of swan dress said "decoration" of water, so this kind of jade are collectively referred to as "water jade".But this kind of jade is no repeat, the content of each form is full of simple mountain forest wild interesting and rich emotional appeal of the north, and is extremely steppe nomads characteristic of jade works.
The black dragon godchild on qianlong jade black dragon godchild bottle figure has a profound implication, in the late qianlong for emperor qianlong of the ardent expectations of the next heir.Beijing's Palace Museum collection of jade black dragon godchild bottle, a similar with the exhibition's exhibits for the qianlong later works.
Another notable is the 18th and 19th century green jade "plain sailing ship", using relief, the round, valuable.such handiwork technique, ship all kinds of characters or sculling paddle, or laughing, lower rolling river, twisting the pentium, the boat fish basket and field lines, cable is clearly visible, lifelike worlds.According to introducing, this kind of jade boat display is more popular in qing dynasty, has the desire of the plain sailing.
During the exhibition, Beijing university, vice President of the institute of archaeology wenbo Sun Qingwei at 2 p.m. on December 12, bring the audience "the ancient Chinese jade culture appreciation" seminar.(source: Beijing evening news reporter: Sun Leqi)